Thursday, July 31, 2008


A posting on another blog got me thinking…Baby Cheapskate posted asking the readers what they thought the most worthless items were. And of course some people’s junk is another person’s treasure (yeah, I couldn’t have been able to live without my boppys (or is it boppies??) when feeding my boys alone, yet this was one of the most repeated things on the “worthless list”) but one of the posters sent a link to this baby gadget:

Maybe this is useful, but due to the shear comedy of the picture I just cannot fathom using such an item! I mean, look at those poor children…they’re already getting their first taste of what a future wedgie experience will be (and I have a feeling these poor kids will be getting wedgies with parents who feel the need to torture their child like this!). Come on that poor little girl just looks so perplexed…”Mommy, why am I hanging from a door??” And really, what if some jerk decides to unhook the "keeper" from the other side while mommy (or daddy, but I doubt daddy would do this) is taking care of nature??

So this got me thinking…what are the whackiest baby items out there?? In this day and age of “My baby MUST have the best/newest/coolest thing!!”, I figured there has got to be a TON of crazy must-have items in internet land. And, as you can guess, I was NOT disappointed:

The Baby Toupee

I really have no words for this, and it really doesn't need any, but seriously?? You're going to spend over $20 on a BABY TOUPEE...what the hell is wrong with you?? Who on earth would want their baby to look like Lil Kim??

Maloles Greek Sandals

So, I'm guessing you think they are cute...well of course they are, they are teeny tiny versions of Greek-style sandals!! What is not so cute is that they cost....wait for it...$100.00, and that is reduced from $160.00!! I won't spend that much money on my own sandals!! Well, to be fair, my only shopping option for sandals is usually Target and they don't sell anything above 20 bucks.

Ninetonine Zebra Crib

Is this a crib or a hutch for bunnies? Imagine your child having the mother of all tantrums and hitting his or her noggin off the back of the crib, YEOWCH!!

Non-Skid Socks for Infants

So, can someone inform me...why on earth do babies under, say 12 months need non-skid socks?? How much walking do newborns do? I understand my boys are preemies and are a little behind on stuff, but come on! I have heard of no baby under 9 months old that trots around the house so much that there is a significant need for non-skid socks.

Well, although there are so many more crazy things I could list, I think I will stop here. I'm sure everyone is now racing to buy all of these must-have items, especially the Donald Trump baby Toupee!! But you will have to fight me off first!

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MJ said...

So, wait, it's NOT a good idea to put your kid in the babykeeper while you go out to the pub?