Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Step Right Up...

And feast your gaze upon a wonder that surpasses all wonders! This is something so new and fabulous you will not believe your very own eyes. TWINS!! And not only twins but twin boys at that! For a bargain price of $5 each, you too can touch these amazing marvels....

Really, is that what people think when they see us out in public?? That we are this amazing freak show that has never been witnessed before?? All kidding aside, that is truly how I feel when we take the boys out. I try and believe that all those stares are not for us, but for something truly amazing that is happening behind us. But when I turn around, sadly there is no one behind us spitting fire, just more interested onlookers. I am not the type of person that particularly enjoys being the center of attention, (looking beautiful in a big white wedding dress excluded, of course), so all this blatant fascination is quite foreign and awkward for me.

It is amazing how much time onlookers can take up when we are out and about with the boys. A simple run to Target turns into a complicated shopping trip in which I am dodging the gawkers at every corner! And believe me, I understand that twins are cool and very exciting, but I am not the first person they've seen with twins and nor will I be the last. I have noticed that this unearned attention occurs in three different levels:

1) Gawker From Afar - These are the people that don't say anything to you, but stop in their tracks once they see the twins. Usually, they will do a double-take and if they are with another person, will whisper to them. I usually hear "Oh look, it's twins" under their breath as they walk away.

2) Short but Sweet Gawker - These are the people that see the twins in public and say congratulations in passing. Usually, the exchange goes something like this: "Twins? Wow, they are gorgeous! Two Boys? What a blessing, congratulations!!". And since I am, of course, the mother to the two cutest boys on the planet, I usually don't mind this exchange at all. It's quick and to the point and lets me remember how lucky I am.

3) The World Must Stop, it's Twins Gawker - These are the people who give all the other gawkers a bad name. Not only do they stop you in your tracks, but the proceed to ask about ten million questions, most of which are very personal. The exchange with these people usually goes like this: "OH MY GOD, ARE THOSE TWINS?!?! WOW!! Do twins run in your family? Are they natural? Did you get a c-section, because those look like c-section babies! Well, now you have two boys, when are you going to try for that girl??" It feels like I've been accosted when I'm done talking to these people and I don't mean literally, but sometimes they do reach out to touch them, and I try my best not to cringe and go into psycho protective mommy mode. It always boggles my mind the nerve of some of these peoples questions and/or comments, and just makes me realize how crude the general public can be.

Finally, there is a subcategory that can fit into any of the above gawker-types and that is from other MOMs (Mothers of Multiples), who ironically I could talk to all day, since I am fascinated by their twins and the fact that they are still alive and seemingly sane. I mean, the fact that they are out and about and functioning in public is a good sign, right?? These people are always more than welcome to stop and take up my time since I am always eager to learn that there is indeed "a light at the end of the tunnel" or "that it gets easier, I swear!"

Believe me, like any other proud mom, I do enjoy (to an extent) the attention my boys receive. They are in fact the bestest most cutest little guys in the world and I am glad that the general public agrees. But, please don't treat us like a freak show, because in fact, it is stressful enough getting out into public with two infants, I don't want to feel like I am in a fishbowl as well!! Just imagine how you would feel, walking into the grocery store or Target and being stopped and asked questions every step of the way "Oh wow, your a GIRL, that is sooo AMAZING, are your boobs natural??" or "MOM LOOK OVER HERE...that girl dyes here hair, lets go see!!".

We all deserve some peace when we brave the outside world, whether with kids or not :)

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