Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey, who is that guy??

As any mom of twins know, the first time they actually notice each other is greatly anticipated. I mean, here are my two little guys that never stopped kicking and punching each other inside my belly (believe me, they never stopped as I probably have permanent internal bruises from them!), yet have absolutely no idea of each other's existence since they've joined the world! How bizarre is that?!?

And in conjunction with the great anticipation of twins finally noticing each other, come the great anticipation of the day that they can entertain each other, which means that mommy and/or daddy can cut down on the three ring circus act that needs to be used to occupy them in between their feedings. Oh what a happy day that must be, right up there with holding their own bottles and potty training!

Strangely, I just assumed that one day they would just notice each other and that would be all that was needed to rekindle that womb relationship they had going. But nope, it's been a much more gradual process than that. At first, they would kinda glance at the "other guy" once and a while if said baby was in their line of vision. Then they actually started to look at each other, noticing there was another person there that was not mommy or daddy or any other adult for that matter. And now, they have graduated to full on eye contact with each other for several seconds at a time and have even been able to have a conversation in that oh so adorable baby babbling. And sadly, while it is not as earth shattering as I thought it would be (they'd do fist pumps, giggle and roll off into the sunset), it sure is entertaining to see the transition.

Although it might be awhile until they can fully interact and entertain each other, it sure is fun to watch them noticing the "other guy". They get these looks on their faces that seem to say "Whoa, mom did you see that guy? Who the heck is that?? He looks just like me!" What a riot it will be to hear them speak in their own twin speak about stuff we'll never understand. Just another crazy cool thing about having twins :)


Doubly Blessed said...

That is awesome, I can't wait for them to notice each other! We have had a few long glances and Tate sucks her thumb sometimes, but I can't wait for them to really interact!

jennienhc said...

Trust me within 4 months you will be thrilled. You have a live in playmate. Even in the car with the two of them they have their own little conversations which apprently they crack eachother up laughing. If only they would include Mom in the translation. LOL :)

Harris Boys said...

I agree...just gets so entertaining to watch my boys interact and the converstation will keep them laughing for quite some time. they are adorable :)