Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not Half Bad

Those are the words I would have to use to describe my first day back to work...but the pessimist in me sees "Only Half Good". Of course how bad could my first day really go, I hadn't been there in 4 months so they couldn't throw me into anything too stressful in my first day just due to the fact that I am so far out of the loop on any project that I can't be held responsible for anything quite yet.

Phew, so the hardest part is now behind me, that dreaded first day back...and since it wasn't half bad, I am hoping that I get used this new me: Working Mom when I had just started getting used to being a Mom and on top of that a Mom of Twin Boys. That is a lot of new titles to get used to in a 4 month period!!

Speaking of Working Moms...I just doen't get that phrase one bit. I mean seriously if you are not a Working Mom then are you a Non-Working Mom?? Um, taking care of children is waaaaay more than work, the word just doesn't come close to explaining the sacrifice and dedication that is required to be a mom...but the title of Working Mom is very redundant to me and almost condescending to a point - DUH - being a mom is work! And a lot of work at that!! Not only do you have to struggle with 8,9, or even 10 hours of dealing with babies you have to go home to your children as well :)

I give all you working moms TONS of props...it ain't easy being us, and it sure as hell doesn't pay enough. I feel priveledge to be part of the club though and we'll see how successful I am! And hopefully the rest of my week will not be "Half Bad"
P.S. - I would like to personally thank our friend Rob for working so dillegently on such a genius picture :)

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MJ said...

Yes, I agree, the term "working mom" is too broad but it's become so well-known at this point that it might be difficult to coin a new phrase. You need something that says you have a paid, full-time job IN ADDITION to being a mom...sorta like a double major in college.
How about employed mom? (And the opposite would be an unemployed mom - ha!)And if you say "professional mom" that leads us to believe that being a mom is your profession. So maybe it has to be longer than 2 words: "Mom with a profession" or "Mom with a job." Or maybe...Occupational mom? Vocational mom? Mom with benefits? Overworked mom? Exhausted mom?