Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Professional Photos

Well, here is one of the perks of going back to of my friends and coworkers has just graduated from photography school and was willing to take some pictures of the boys free of charge!! I was so thrilled when she offered to do it and am even more thrilled now that I have the pictures. She did such a wonderful job!! And I am hoping that she can use the photos for her portfolio, so it's a win-win situation. I will post some of my favorites, but if you want more of the Gillis Boys I'll be happy to email them or send you a CD (yes mom, I will send you a CD).

As you will notice (or maybe not if you can't quite tell them apart) is that Josh refused to be the smiley laid-back guy he usually is and decided to be fussy cry-baby. And Brody decided he would be a little ham. There aren't too many great pics of them together, so maybe when they get a bit older...enjoy!!

This is Skyla, our 9 month old neice...gorgeous!

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