Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'll see your "da" and raise you a "dada"!

Yep, it's official...our boys have uttered their first dada's, and the amazing this is that the boys did it 12 hours apart! There was a big dada race going on in our house with a lot of close calls, but Brody is the official winner. Josh might be the big roller, but Brody is without a doubt our big talker :) We thought for a while that Josh might be the dark horse in the race and just up and say dada while Brody has been practicing his da's for a week or so, but Josh let his brother have the first to do award in this category.

And while I am absolutely thrilled with this new found talent, no one could be more proud than their dada. He has been completely beaming since last night at 7:50pm, and the lucky bastard got to experience that rush again this morning from Josh. What a thrill it is to experience such a fantastic milestone!!

Ok boys, now you got the easy word out of the way....start using those new found tongue techniques and start practicing those "mamas" because she will hit the roof if your second word is Lucy!! I didn't carry you for 9 (well 8) months and sit in a hospital bed for 3 weeks for our family pet to become the next part of your new vocabulary!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

7 Months Down...

So, Josh & Brody are taking their 7 month birthday a little hard, in fact, the boys have turned to the bottle in their depression. See, now that they are closer to 1 than they are to being born, and they need to drown their sorrows. And as you can see from below, they are feeling no pain (I promise you, no babies were intoxicated in the production of this photo):

Sorry it has been so long since I posted an update, but I have a lot of reasons for the lapse in postings:
1) I have twins!
2) My work has converted over to our parent server and I cannot access blogs from work
3) The only free time I have when I am home is used for catching up on sleep!
4) And finally, I have 2 seven month old twins - what do you expect :)

Anyway, the boys turned 7 months old last week! I shed a few tears thinking that my boys are closer to turning 1 than being born. I just can't believe how fast the time has gone!! I still can remember being as huge as a house still pregnant with them. Now they are talking up a storm, unfortunately not in the english language yet, but I feel that "dada" is just around the corner.

And Josh has officially rolled over!! The boys have mastered the belly to back roll-over long ago, but Josh again was first in the back to belly roll-over. He completed the full movement just shy of his 7 month birthday and we are thinking that Brody is soon to follow. Of course, once Josh rolls over , he is not quite sure what to do once on his stomach. So he proceeds to fuss and fuss until we pick him up or put him on his back. And you've guessed it, as soon as he is on his back, he's back on his belly screaming again. I'm sure it's amusing to someone, but it is quite tiring to be on baby roll-over duty!!

And in their seven months of life, it is amazing how different these two little men are! Josh is my observer, my cuddly guy, and my human bat. There is nothing that he loves more than being upside down!! I am convinced he would live that way if he could. On the other hand, Brody is my outgoing flirt, with the mischeivous smile. He is full of giggles and loves to get into anything that he shouldn't. But both my guys are such good natured boys, I can't help but feel like I hit the "baby jackpot". And the fact that they've been sleeping through the night since 3 months has been a HUGE help in everyone's santiy.

Speaking of sleeping, both boys are officially off swadles as well! I was convinced I would have to commission some seamstress out there to sew up some adult size swaddles for when they went off to college, but thankfully, I didn't have to cross that bridge! I was actually shocked at how easy it was because I had visions of tantrums and fights and major sleep deprivation, when in reality we went sans swaddle cold turkey and haven't looked back since. We were smart enough to do one at a time, though, and it worked in our favor. I hope that everyone out there in swaddle land has as easy of a time as us!

Ok, I'm off to go hang out with my handsome men (all three of them!), but here are a couple of outtakes from their 7-month "photo shoot":

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

I cannot believe that today I am the big 3-0!! What I can't believe even more is that it does not bother me one bit! I thought that I might be in a birthday depression like my husband was three short months ago, but I woke up feelin' fine (even though Josh wanted to remind me over AND over that it was my birthday by waking me up!). And even though I have to work today, it's really not too bad.

I do feel like walking around saying "I'm THIRTY!" in that Molly Shannon-esque voice from Saturday Night Live. And for anyone that is getting my reference, I can still "kick, stretch, and KICK"!

Of course I have a lot to show for my 30 years on this planet...I've got two absolutely adorable sons, an absolutely wonderful husband, an absolutely cute basset hound, and an absolutely generous and supportive family. Really, what more could I ask for?? There is no reason to be down about my life when I have so much to celebrate!!

So, I am taking 30 by the horns and running with it. You're only as old as you feel, and to tell you the truth...I still feel like my mom is going to yell at me any moment for getting pregnant, hehe.

And now I leave you with some photos of what I most look forward to seeing on my big day....oh, and GO SOX!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Tony!!

I know this is a day late, but work has been crazy this week, not giving me enough free time to blog (terrible, I know), but I wanted to wish my parents a fabulous 20th wedding anniversary!!! What makes me feel old is that I was 10 when you got married and I remember the entire thing! I can't be old enough to have been around for a 20th wedding anniversary, could I? Well, I am glad that I was there and that 20 years later the two of you are as cute as ever!!

Here's to another 20 years, and I can only hope that my marriage is as good as yours!!