Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Matt!!

Well, it's official...I am married to an old man :) My dear husband turned 30 today and I am still a spry 29, even if it is only for three more months!!
And how does he get to spend it?? Not waking up in San Francisco and going to bed in Maui like for his 26th birthday, nope, he'll be lucky if he can go to the bathroom when he wants because he is spending his 30th birthday with the boys. And as wonderful as our boys are, I feel badly that there really isn't any pomp and circumstance for his big 3-0. He deserves a kick ass party with all the stops, but unfortunately for us, money is not on our side this year.
So maybe next year instead of celebrating his 31st birthday, we'll celebrate the 1st anniversary of his 30th birthday and have that blowout that he deserves.
Enjoy your day, my I have a feeling these birthday will start coming even more fast and furious than they once have.

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Harris Boys said...

Happy birthday to your hubby :) my hubby turns 30 this year too.