Sunday, July 13, 2008

Like a Flash

Um, can someone stop fast-forwarding my life?? Where on earth did the past 4 months go?? I swear, God has me on his giant Tivo up in heaven and is fast-forwarding my life by one arrow (you'll understand if you have tivo) thinking that I wouldn't notice...but I have and now I want to slow down a bit, thank you very much!!

Unfortunately, this is the best shot that I could manage with my boys. Not for lack of trying, I think I took at least 15 pictures, but for whatever reason the boys just turn fussy when the camera is on. I'm not sure why, but they could be Mr. Giggles all day but as soon as that first flash goes off, that is the end of the happy babies. And on top of that, once Lucy sees the flash, she is compelled to summon her inner ham and plant herself into every photo! It is too cute and makes for some really funny photos:

And then the boys cannot manage to keep one item of clothing clean for the picture shoot either, so Lucy makes sure she is on spit-up clean up duty as well:

Needless to say, their monthly picture are not the most calming of experiences and they usually leave us tired and frustrated at doing it in the first place. Thank goodness these posed "shots" are only once a month or I think I would shoot myself!

But now looking at the photos, it just boggles my mind that our little boys are 4 months old now! I mean seriously, I can still remember sitting in the doctor's office with Matt for my first visit and the looks on our faces when she said "Oh my, there's two in there!" Not only were we shocked, but we were terrified wondering how on earth would we manage to take care of two babies!!! Not only are we taking care of them, but they are thriving!

Surprise of all surprises, our little Brody now weighs more than Josh! Josh weighs in at 12lbs 5oz and Brody is 12lbs 10oz! They have more than tripled their birth weights and we couldn't be more pleased! Of course I am sure they look small next to a typical 4 month-old baby, but to us they are ginormous from what they used to be at just barely 4lbs. Here is a picture to compare:

So, although they might not be in the 90th percentile yet, they are well on their way to become the bruisers I know they will be!!

Another thing we learned at their 4 month appointment...they are now allowed to try rice cereal! Since they are both holding their heads up well, he says it is something they are ready for as long as they are holding their heads up....But no one asked me if I was ready for it!
Well, Amber, are you ready for your baby boys to start on solids?? Hell no!

And I understand we don't have to give them anything yet and it is actually recommended for them to start closer to 6 months or when they show interest in food, but my point is that I am just not ready for this step yet! I'm just getting used to having babies and all the work and fun that goes into that, I am not ready for them to grow up yet! First it's rice cereal, next it'll be driver's licences! Ok, I know I may be overreacting, but not really. I mean at the rate my life is flying by, I'll be a grandmother before I know it!

But, as with anything, denial is the first step. And as far as I can remember, acceptance is the final step. So, while I have not quite accepted that my boys are old enough for solid food, I did in fact make a purchase at the grocery store for some rice cereal. Of course, I don't plan on giving it to them until they are 12, but it is there in case I allow acceptance to overthrow denial. In the meantime, I plan on pressing the pause button to enjoy my pre-solids babies a little longer.


Harris Boys said...

happy 4 months boys. I hope its ok...I blog rolled you...I found your blog on the nest :)

the pics of your boys brings back so many great memories from when my boys were that tiny.


MJ said...

I LOVE how Lucy manages to poke her head in the picture...too funny!