Tuesday, September 2, 2008

T minus one day...

Until the dreaded "C Day" meaning, the boys big circumcision surgery tomorrow. Just the thought of it puts a pit in my stomach :(

I have to thank my crummy OB for this lovely situation that we have to be in, I mean it's just soooooo exciting to have to deal with two (almost) six month olds going back into the hospital, maybe even overnight. See, apparently when Brody was discharged two weeks after his birth, he was too small to be circumcised at just over 4lbs. We were told that our OB doesn't do circumcisions on babies less that 7lbs (um, what about the full term singletons that might be under 7lbs, they do exist you know) and that we would have to wait until Josh is discharged before the surgery is performed. Well, when Josh was discharged 5 weeks later, I called the OB all ready to get this part done and over with...but she, and when I say she, I actually mean her talking through her nurse since she apparently is too busy to talk to the mother of the boys she was supposed to take care of...anway, she then dropped the bomb on us that we would need a pediatric urologist to do the surgery now. Huh?!? Why wasn't that mentioned previously??

Fast forward to now, almost at 6 months we have to get our boys done. What a nightmare experience, first we had to track down a pediatric urologist, which like it sounds, is a very specialized job and not easy to track down. Once we found one, we made an appointment (albeit a month later) with him, thinking we were actually getting the deed done then and there, but low and behold, it was just a consultation. Well, I had just about had it and almost said screw it, I don't care about whether my boys look like anteaters or not, but realized that although I am their mother, it's their father's final decision. You see, I don't have those parts and I don't want to make a decision without having, ahem, lifelong experience like their father does. After meeting with the doctor, I felt much more at ease because he was very confident (downright cocky actually, pun intended) that he does an excellent job. I think my husband's biggest fear is that the boys would need to get it done later in life when they actually remember it and how traumatic that must be for them, so he'd rather get it now even though it's going to be harder on them, at least they won't remember.

So here I am...counting down the hours until my boys are put back into the hospital. Any mom that has had their baby (or babies) in the NICU has a total and irrational fear of putting their baby back in the hospital, for fear that they might have to stay there; that there was some sort of mistake and the boys shouldn't have been discharged that many months ago, and that we're somehow thrown back into the torture that was living without my babies at home. I realize that at the worst, they might have to spend the night, but in all honesty, I don't want them in the hospital one minute more! They've been in longer than most adults and it's just heartbreaking to take them back.

What's worse is that as of right now, I have no idea when their surgery is going to be. The hospital is going to give me a call today to let me know, but I hate not knowing, especially since the boys will not be able to eat before the surgery. I am hoping and praying that their time will be early, because if not, there are going to be two extremely grumpy screaming babies in the pre-op office. And like I said before, babies screaming in stereo = not fun for mommy.

So please send good vibes my way, let's hope for a 7AM surgery time and for the boys to not have to stay the night. That would be the best case scenario for everyone, and I think it's about damn time we get a little good luck on our side :)

And since the unofficial end of summer has come and gone, here are some pics of the boys on their first trip to the beach and by nana and bop's pool:


SaraBelle said...

Poor guys!! I hope all goes well tommorrow, that your guys get in at 7am, that they come home with you shortly after and that they aren't too grumpy at home (my Bennett came home about 4 hrs after his procedure -- at 3w old). Take care (and cute pictures!).

Harris Boys said...

what sweet pics of the boys...love their little tounges sticking out.

I hope by now their surgery is over with and they are back home. poor little guys...what a pain for you guys. my boys were circumcied at birth and they were both 6 lbs and under? crazy ob you have!

Nicabar said...

Your boys look so wonderful. All I can say is cancel these surgeries before it's too late, unless the doctors are telling you that it's necessary. You almost said "screw it," follow that instinct. It's very, very common these days. Your sons will really appreciate it later, but what is lost does make a difference. It very unlikely they would ever need this as an adult. Don't think that your husband really knows what's right, all he knows is his own limited experience. This paper explains the conundrum he is in on this issue. I know you feel like it's just when men have done, but it really isn't anymore. On the slim chance I could make any difference, I had to write this to you. Research circumcision on the internet, you'll find countless people who have regretted doing it or having it done. All the research says it's totally unnecessary. Your beautiful boys are perfect and don't need to be altered one bit.

The Wilsons said...

I hope that the surgery goes okay. My boys had it about 6 weeks after and they were okay and not cranky at all. I'm hoping for a okay experience for you too! Thanks for the email too. It really meant a lot to me!