Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy to report...

That my boys now have the prettiest penises on the block! Not that I know that for sure, but since my boys are the cutest on the block, it only make sense that their anatomy should follow suit :)

Thank you everyone, for all your thoughts and well wishes...unfortunately they wanted the boys to stay overnight for observation due to the fact that they were preemies and that Josh had the long-standing apnea issue. I guess it was better for them, but not for myself and Matt who had to sleep in the world's most uncomfortable recliners!! Plus the boys were in separate rooms, so I ended up staying with Josh, while Matt took Brody. It was bad enough to stay in the hospital overnight, but to stay apart from my other guys totally sucked too. The good news is that I only watched what I wanted to watch of the Republican Convention, as opposed to watching it for hours on end, which my politically obsessed husband has been making me do at home.

One bit of good news was that they were the first up for surgery, so we didn't have to worry about screaming babies at the hospital with everyone looking at us like "What the hell are you doing to your children??". Brody actually ended up falling asleep while he was waiting for his turn, so somebody apparently thought we deserved a little break after all the nonsense that we've had to deal with.

The boys did extremely well for being so far away from their normal routine and environment and even slept through the night which was very surprising due to the fact they slept the entire day away after their surgery. We were convinced we'd have a bunch of night owls on our hands, but our lack of sleep was only due to our wonderful hotel-like sleeping arrangements (note the sarcasm).

Now that our boys are done with their hospital stays for the near future, here's to hoping we won't be in a hospital for a good long time....but since they are Gillis boys and most likely have their mother's supreme grace I am sure we will be doing our fair share of ER visits :)


Harris Boys said...

I've been waiting to hear an update...I am so HAPPY to hear that the boys did so well. Thank goodness :)

hope you all have a great weekend!!!

The Wilsons said...

I'm glad to hear that all went well. I was thinking about your little peanuts!!! Have a great Sunday!

Trina said...

So glad that it is over! What an ordeal you all had to go through.