Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Better YOU than ME! And other dumb thing said about being parents to twins…

This is a sort of spin-off of the freak show post from a while back, but I thought that it would be fun to let you guys in on what happens when you take twins out in public. Along with the whole freak show aspect of being out with twins in public places, is the ridiculous (or downright rude) things that people feel the need to say to you. Here is a list of a few of my favorites:

1. Are those twins?? Nope, I just happened to have two babies that are the exact same age, size, features, etc., but they are most certainly not twins cause that’s impossible!!

2. Are they Natural? They are 100% spontaneous, but as far as I know, all babies are NATURAL.

3. I’ve always wanted twins!! Hmm…are you sure about that one? If you ever feel the urge, you are more than welcome to babysit for us, overnight.

4. Our children are only (insert numbers from 12-18) months apart - it’s just like having twins!! Um, not by a long shot…I am not saying “Irish Twins” are easier, but it is different…very different. Having two screaming newborns at 3AM is much different than only having one. Just like having one screaming infant and one toddler walking around at the same time.

5. So have you started tryin’ for that girl? First of all, is that any of YOUR business?? I love people that think that a family isn’t complete without both sexes represented. Who says all families HAVE to have a boy and a girl?? Maybe we are just happy with our two little guys. And secondly, we have just gotten over that newborn “hump”, so while we might be a little bit nuts, we ain’t that nuts!

6. Better you than me!! Yep, you are right on that one!

7. Whoa, Double Trouble!! Maybe, but what you are forgetting is that there is also double the love and double the fun!

8. They are going to eat you out of house and home!! Really?? Any more than any other family with two boys, but then maybe they have heard rumors about the Gillis boy appetite (and for the record I am terrified!!)

9. Those C-section babies are so much better looking! – Seriously, someone told me that a week after Brody came home and we went out to eat at Friendly’s. It was a man too, which totally threw me for a loop.

But then to be fair, we do get some positive attention and some really nice comments, although the people more likely to stop and comment are the ones that have the craziest things to say. Mostly, we just get a lot of smiles from the not so crazies out in public!

1. Twins!! What a Blessing! Yes, yes it is…is it easy – nope, but is it worth it – most definitely!

2. Wow, you must be a supermom! Now, I will never claim to be anything close to a supermom, but I will certainly not correct someone if they think that I am!

3. I have no idea how you do it! Me neither, but you do what you need to do to get the job done. I believe these are the most empathetic people, because they know how hard it was to do it with just one at a time, so I admit that I do feel a wee bit superior when I get those comments

I have heard from MOMs of twins that are older that one day I will miss the attention, and maybe I will, but for now I can't help but shake my head at most of society. And people as a whole should start using the filter between their brain and their mouth. On the other side, when someone is truly interested and curious to ask questions about the boys, I turn into "Proud Mama" mode and am more than willing to brag about my boys - Just don't ask me if they are natural....


jennienhc said...

Seriously people open mouth and should insert foot!! People ask me all the time "Are they twins??" Um yes one is just about a whole foot taller than the other one and talking! My favorite by far is "oh they are 14 months did you plan that???" Are you asking me if my baby was an oops. Oh wait you are a total stranger because if you knew us you would know we wanted them close!!!! People have nerve :)

Harris Boys said...

you will miss the attention. no-one really pays any attention to the boys anymore when we're in public. it makes shopping easier though. I've heard all those comments...most I just laugh off, but sometime they just bug me.

Valerie said...

Oh I hate it when I get the comment, "oh a girl and a boy...so you're done now." Ummm what if I wanted 5 kids?