Friday, May 2, 2008

Be careful what you wish for...

Well, we have officially had both boys home for 24 hours now and I am starting to actually believe that I have twins :) Well, my lack of sleep actually proves that I have twins because we have never been so tired with just one in the house (yeah, what are you moms of singletons complaining of, lol!).

Sleep deprivation has taken on a whole new meaning...really, if the US treated people to this kind of sleep deprivation, there would be no war secrets and Bin Laden would have been found ages ago! Of course, I am exaggerating, but wow it is amazing that when you have two home, it isn't 2x worse, it's actually 3 or 4x worse! I think we both slept a total of three hours last night and that was not in one clump!

Plus, on top of being exhausted, we had to take Josh to his first doctor's appointment. We had already done that with Brody and it wasn't too bad, we got there on time and everything! No such luck this time, but I think we ended up getting there 10 minutes late which wasn't too bad considering how logistically difficult it is to feed, change and get two little newborns out the door!

Josh is officially 8lbs 1oz and is about 1.5lbs heavier than his brother! I'm guessing that he is taking his role of older (by 3 minutes) brother very seriously!

The monitor system we have to hook Josh up to isn't too bad either...he only has to be on it when he is sleeping and we are not watching him, other than that he is cord-free!

What a trip to get to have both home now. It won't be easy, but man, I'll have some great stories for this blog! Here are some of the first photos of the boys together since delivering them...enjoy! Just in case you can't tell, Josh is the bigger one, lol!

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