Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Josh is coming home!!!

I am so glad to be finally typing that! Our little boy (ha ha, he has a pound on his brother) is finally coming home! Of course, there is a little caveat...since he is having breathing issues still (apparently his brain is a little immature and is causing immature breathing patterns) he will have to come home on an apnea monitor.

What is an apnea monitor?? Good question, I was wondering exactly myself and did what I do best...search the internet for more info. Turns out this portable monitor will be strapped on when Josh is sleeping and will go off (earsplitting I have heard) if he forgets to breath for a period of time. But from what I have heard, there are more false alarms that actual ones, so it sounds like we will be getting very little sleep until we get used to it. He will need to be on the monitor somewhere between 3-6 months which is not going to be fun, but we gotta do what's gotta be done. And I have a feeling that once he is home, he will do a lot better. I have read that once the twins are back together, the twin that doesn't have the breathing issues will help the one that does. So keep your fingers crossed for that!

So in order to get Josh home, we now have to learn how to use this monitor at the hospital which will take somewhere between 4-6 hours! Holy cow! Plus I have to get trained in baby CPR, which is a little scary, but it is a good thing to know anyway.

All that aside, I am beyond thrilled that our family will be together again. It's been a long 7 weeks to get them both home, and now the real fun begins...how on earth do I take care of two?? Here is the latest picture of Team Gillis, apparently Brody likes the taste of Josh :)

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Mike Burke said...

I can't believe it! That's great! good luck with everything. Man! This just brightened my week. I'm so happy for you guys.