Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Step Forward...Two Steps Back

Well, you know how they say "Karma is a bitch!"?? Well, THEY aren't kidding are THEY? In all honesty, I think I am being punished for being so witty. The universe is only allowing me to have a certain amount of "witty allowance" and I apparently overdrew my witty account...

And the over-draft charges, being my screaming bundles of joy, really suck!

That's what I get for putting nana nana boo boo out into the universe, and I kinda knew that, but I just didn't care, I was just so elated that the boys slept for several hours at a time! And it wasn't just a fluke, they did it again this weekend, but now I am paying the price...

The boys have gone on a sleep-protest. I'm not sure when they made their plans, but it's been a rough couple of days. I'm guessing when I was fast asleep thinking that they were fast asleep they made a pact with each other to slowly drive their mother insane. Not only are they not sleeping at night, or during the day for that matter, but while awake they have taken to screaming incessantly. And there is nothing quite like babies screaming in stereo. I said sleep deprivation should be a torture device, but if anyone really wants the goods from a POW, make sure they are good and sleep deprived and then unleash two screaming babies!!

I didn't know that two little guys could make so much noise, I mean they are preemies, shouldn't they have that "Oh it's so cute, they are crying" type of cry?? Nope, these are two seriously PISSED OFF babies making sure they let me know that I am ignoring them, in case I forgot. I mean it is so easy to forget that you have two impatient babies screaming bloody murder, really it is.

Just in case I was getting cocky about my parenting skills, this has definitely been a wake up call. Of course, I feel incredibly unsure of my ability and this episode has just reaffirmed my inadequacies. "Yes, big man upstairs, I realize that I know absolutely nothing about what I am doing, thank you ever so much for reminding me."


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Souza Sisters said...

I know I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it! They way you describe them crying put me over the edge! I told my husband last night instead of the death penalty they should just make the inmates take care of twins;) Love the picture too... I have been meaning to leave a comment here for a while... I see you live in MA... I am in Maine! So we are kinda neighbors:) I hope your boys give you some peace tonight:)

Debbie (Nestie Disney102399)