Friday, May 23, 2008

They STTN!!

Ok, so I know you guys are like "What the hell is STTN??, some strange new vaccine??". But it is an acronym on the message boards that I frequent and the one acronym that any new mom would KILL for...SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my twin boys slept through the night, on the same night and at the same time...WOO freaking HOO!

Sleeping through the night is what I would consider the Holy Grail of early parenting...I understand that there will be much more important milestones later one, but in the first year, sleeping through the night is what all parents aspire for and what most don't get nearly enough of!

While I have only waited for this moment for 8 weeks, since Brody came home and coincidentally I started this blog, I realized how unattainable a goal it is, you know, with the odds stacked up against me; first of all I have 2 newborn babies, so even if I get one to STTN, there is still the other little guy to keep me up AND second of all, since they are preemies it will take them that much longer to get to the magic 12lb weigh, which is this mythical weight where STTN is possible! I knew I had very little hope reaching the Grail in the next 6 months.

But still, when I saw those posts on my message board....OMG my baby (singular, mind you) STTN!!!, or DC (dear child) STTN since he was 1 month old, I wanted to reach my hand into the computer screen and strangle these braggarts for being so selfish that they felt the need to torture us poor sleep-deprived souls in that "nana nana boo boo" sort of way. Just like those stick thin actresses say, "ooh I just eat what I want and I don't work out, my body is just this fabulous without any work"...shut-up be-otch! Of course in your heart of hearts you are uncontrollably envious of such an alien concept and would sell your soul to be in their shoes!

And here I am, NANA NANA BOO BOO - My twins STTN!! While I am not dumb enough to believe that for one second, this wasn't more than a fluke, I don't care! I have had a full 6 hours of sleep (oh, yeah BTW that is considered STTN, when in my reality it would be about 10 hours) and I feel like a new woman! I mean look at me, I am downright witty in this blog entry! Usually I am lucky if people can understand what I am writing with all my spelling/grammatical errors!!

But don't get used to the witty Amber, because as fast as she showed up, she will be swallowed up again only to be replaced by sleep-deprived-just-trying-to-survive Amber. Enjoy her while she lasts :)


Trina said...

Yay for witty Amber! I love it! Congrats and I am super jealous. We are travelling and the kids seem to think night time is the new nap time and are up every 4 hours!

MJ said...

OMG that is great! Looking forward to seeing Team Gillis tomorrow!

Sara said...

Congrats for this great milestone. Who knows? Maybe it is not a fluke.

Jennifer said...

Your boys can take my girls to the prom if they teach them to STTN that early!!!