Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

I cannot believe that today I am the big 3-0!! What I can't believe even more is that it does not bother me one bit! I thought that I might be in a birthday depression like my husband was three short months ago, but I woke up feelin' fine (even though Josh wanted to remind me over AND over that it was my birthday by waking me up!). And even though I have to work today, it's really not too bad.

I do feel like walking around saying "I'm THIRTY!" in that Molly Shannon-esque voice from Saturday Night Live. And for anyone that is getting my reference, I can still "kick, stretch, and KICK"!

Of course I have a lot to show for my 30 years on this planet...I've got two absolutely adorable sons, an absolutely wonderful husband, an absolutely cute basset hound, and an absolutely generous and supportive family. Really, what more could I ask for?? There is no reason to be down about my life when I have so much to celebrate!!

So, I am taking 30 by the horns and running with it. You're only as old as you feel, and to tell you the truth...I still feel like my mom is going to yell at me any moment for getting pregnant, hehe.

And now I leave you with some photos of what I most look forward to seeing on my big day....oh, and GO SOX!


monica said...

Happy 30th Birthday!

Harris Boys said...

Happy Birthday Amber. Hope you have a wonderful day and what sweet boys you get to come home to!!!

emily said...

Is Brody in blue? 'cause if he's not, then I'll NEVER get them straight!

Trina said...

I almost just spit out my lunch laughing! I love the Molly Shannon reference:)
Happy Birthday~

Doubly Blessed said...

So funny, my dh and I are always saying "I'm Fifty Years old!!" Like her when her when we feel old, I hit 26 this week and I am feelin' it.

The Wilsons said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! Those are great pictures of the boys! How do you get them to smile for the camera

Souza Sisters said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I am kind of worried about the Red Sox... Hopefully they can pull another miracle:)