Sunday, October 19, 2008

7 Months Down...

So, Josh & Brody are taking their 7 month birthday a little hard, in fact, the boys have turned to the bottle in their depression. See, now that they are closer to 1 than they are to being born, and they need to drown their sorrows. And as you can see from below, they are feeling no pain (I promise you, no babies were intoxicated in the production of this photo):

Sorry it has been so long since I posted an update, but I have a lot of reasons for the lapse in postings:
1) I have twins!
2) My work has converted over to our parent server and I cannot access blogs from work
3) The only free time I have when I am home is used for catching up on sleep!
4) And finally, I have 2 seven month old twins - what do you expect :)

Anyway, the boys turned 7 months old last week! I shed a few tears thinking that my boys are closer to turning 1 than being born. I just can't believe how fast the time has gone!! I still can remember being as huge as a house still pregnant with them. Now they are talking up a storm, unfortunately not in the english language yet, but I feel that "dada" is just around the corner.

And Josh has officially rolled over!! The boys have mastered the belly to back roll-over long ago, but Josh again was first in the back to belly roll-over. He completed the full movement just shy of his 7 month birthday and we are thinking that Brody is soon to follow. Of course, once Josh rolls over , he is not quite sure what to do once on his stomach. So he proceeds to fuss and fuss until we pick him up or put him on his back. And you've guessed it, as soon as he is on his back, he's back on his belly screaming again. I'm sure it's amusing to someone, but it is quite tiring to be on baby roll-over duty!!

And in their seven months of life, it is amazing how different these two little men are! Josh is my observer, my cuddly guy, and my human bat. There is nothing that he loves more than being upside down!! I am convinced he would live that way if he could. On the other hand, Brody is my outgoing flirt, with the mischeivous smile. He is full of giggles and loves to get into anything that he shouldn't. But both my guys are such good natured boys, I can't help but feel like I hit the "baby jackpot". And the fact that they've been sleeping through the night since 3 months has been a HUGE help in everyone's santiy.

Speaking of sleeping, both boys are officially off swadles as well! I was convinced I would have to commission some seamstress out there to sew up some adult size swaddles for when they went off to college, but thankfully, I didn't have to cross that bridge! I was actually shocked at how easy it was because I had visions of tantrums and fights and major sleep deprivation, when in reality we went sans swaddle cold turkey and haven't looked back since. We were smart enough to do one at a time, though, and it worked in our favor. I hope that everyone out there in swaddle land has as easy of a time as us!

Ok, I'm off to go hang out with my handsome men (all three of them!), but here are a couple of outtakes from their 7-month "photo shoot":


SaraBelle said...

Happy Birthday, boys!! I love the pictures -- so cute!! :)

Harris Boys said...

OMG those pics are TOO FUNNY!!! LOL

happy 7 months sweet boys :) I understand your lack of blogging...twins will def. keep you really busy!

The Wilsons said...

They are adorable! Happy 7 months! That darn job of yours switching servers...I might have to start dropping you an email here and there!